Welcome to the first Sales Management Workshop Podcast.  I’m Michael Carter, and my objective is to provide you with sales management tool, tips, and strategies to help you better manage your sales team.  The podcast is for sales managers, business owner, or any manager with salespeople reporting directly to them.

Two realities of sales management and sales team performance

Number one; A sales team is only as proficient as the sales support structure the organization provides and the person that manages the sales team.  To properly manage a sales team you need programs in place to help train and coach your salespeople to success.

  • Look at developing an ongoing program for sales and products training.  This will help insure your salespeople have the skills they need to sell.
  • Have a territory management system in place and the training to properly work their territory.
  • Establish an on boarding process for new sales people to help them get up to speed quickly.
  • Establish a weekly one-on-one coaching session with each of your salespeople to build your relationship and keep them on track.

Number two; Successful sales manager have developed the skills to get the job done through other.  As a manager of salespeople it’s important to understand that your sales managers success is measured by how well the sales team does.  Build sales superstars, become a manager, become a sales leader.

  • If you don’t have the right people in place, ask your self why?
  • Are they coachable?
  • Are they trainable?
  • When are you looking to replace them?
  • Do you have a plan to make sure the next hire is right for the job?
  • When are you going to take action?

Sales managers aren’t born.  They’re developed.

The four most important traits of a sales manager

  1. A strong desire to develop their team – in a lot of organizations they like to recruit people that were involved in team sports when they were in school because they have an understanding of the concept that you win and loose as a team.
  2. An overpowering desire to win – this is simple, they hate missing a number or losing a sale.  When it happens, they don’t fall apart but they will find out why it happened and take every opportunity to make the changes necessary to see that it doesn’t happen again.
  3. A passion for learning – they are consistently looking for ways to enhance their professional development.  They will listen to shows like this one, they will read, they will ask question.  They are continual learners.
  4. They are exceptional leaders

Effective sales managers must be effective leaders.  To lead, you have to have a plan that lays out everything you will do from whom to hire, why and when.  A plan for training your salespeople.  Leaders have a plan that defines sales territories, and how to attack them.  Call expectations and anticipated closing ratios, sales targets, and goals that deliver more then the required target.  Sales Managers that don’t have these things in place, you are missing a golden opportunity for success.

So what are the most important qualities of the successful sales manager?  It’s being a strong leader, someone who has developed a plan for other to follow that leads them to achieve exceptional results.  To succeed in sales management, be the leader, have a plan, work the plan, be prepared to adjust the plan, and you will exceed expectations.


Suggested Reading For Sales Managers

I want to recommend a book or series of books that I feel should be a part of every sales managers library.  This is “HBR’s 10 Must Reads, HBR stands for Harvard Business Review. What the folks at Harvad Business Review did, was go through hundreds of articles and selected what they felt was essential reading for managers.  The first book I read in the series “The Essentials.”

In the Essentials you get ten articles by authors like Michael Porter on creating competitive advantage and distinguishing your company from rivals.  Peter Drucker on managing your career by evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses. Robert Kaplan and David Norton on measuring your company’s strategy with the Balanced Scorecard.  Other articles include creating competitive advantage, leading change, using emotionally intelligence, orchestrating innovation, and keeping customers loyal.  This is an excellent reference for any manager.

“The Essentials,” retails for $24.95 and if you follow the my affiliate link it’s $15.95.  You can, get the boxed set which contains the complete series of 6 Books with titles like:

  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing People
  • Change Management
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • And The Essentials

This box set of six books retails for $99.00, but by following the link in the notes at sales management workshop . com you can get it for $62.37, that a savings of $36.63.  Use the link or go to the bookstore and buy it. It’s not devoted to sales management, but they are great for any manager to read.


Link to Essentials on Amazon

Link to HBR’s Box Set on Amazon
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