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The Sales Management Workshop Podcast

The roll of the sales manager is one of the toughest positions in any organization. At the Sales Management Workshop my goal is to provide information of value to those new to sales management and for the old pros. We have thousands of listeners all around the world that have found these podcast to be very valuable to their sales management career. Just click on the player and you can listen on your computer at home or at work. If you prefer, you can down load a podcast and listen on you mobile device. You can also get the Sales Management Workshop on iTunes, Stitcher, and Miro.
If you like the podcast or have some suggestions, contact me and let me know and if you have time give us a rating on iTunes. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy.

SMW_022 Planning Your Goals For The New Year


Why Planning Out Your Goals Is Important

As we approach a new year, we need to stand back and look at what we’ve accomplished in the previous year.  Look at what worked, and what didn’t work.  Then start planning for the new year.  In this podcast I talk about a method I developed to help me build a plan, and the actions I’ll take to stick to it. read more…

SMW_021 A Feedback System For Sales Managers To Improve Sales Performance


Having a feedback system is Key

Why do you need a feedback system? Because one of the areas sales management have trouble with is giving feedback to their salespeople.  Most don’t do it at all, and of the ones that do, don’t do it well.  That’s because it’s not easy to give feed back if you haven’t developed your feedback systems. That’s what this podcast is all about. read more…

SMW_020 The Sales Manager


The Sales Manager

The sales manager.  I gave this podcast episode of Sales Management Workshop a simple title.  The sales manager.  The person responsible for building and leading a team of people that generate revenue.  Revenue that not only meets, but exceeds the assigned numbers or quota.  In this, the 20th episode,  of Sales Management Workshop, I look back at the topics that can help the sales manager lead their team to those exceptional results. read more…

SMW_019 How To Motivate Your Salespeople


Knowing How to Motivate Your Salespeople is Essential

You always here that coaches of professional sports teams have to motivate their millionaire players.  If it’s important to motivate people making millions, As a sales leader, you need to find a way to motivate your salespeople.  That’s what we talk about in this podcast. read more…

SMW_018 What CRM Systems Should I Use To Manage My Sales Team?


The First Question Is Why Should I Use A CRM System?

In this audio podcast we are talking about CRM, Customer Relationship Mnagement Systesm.  What if you had one place where you could find all the information you needed about your sales team, your customers, and your prospects? What if you could click on an organization and see everyone associated with that organization. read more…

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