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Sales Management Workshop PodcastSales Management Workshop host a series of audio podcast and a blog devoted to helping you become a better sales manager. We do this by providing you with free tips and strategies to help take your sales production to the next level.

We understand that managing a sales team can be very challenging. Our goal is to provide you with valuable content to help you manage. Each episode is packed with information you can use now.

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“These podcasts have some of the best sales management information I have ever heard. Michael is easy to understand and provides information I can use right away with each podcast. The info is a ‘must listen’ for anyone who has selling responsibilities in their company.”

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Don’t know where to start. Start at the beginning, SMW 001 An Introduction to the Sales Management Workshop, and work your way to the latest podcast.  To make the information you need, easy to find, we have divided the information into categories.  Just click on the link and find all the information we have on a subject of interest to you.


For the sales manager leadership is essential.  Click here to see what we have published on sales management leadership.

The Sales Process

Developing and managing your sales process is key to sales success if you want to succeed.  Click here to see what we have published on the sales process.

Sales Planning

Every sales manager needs a sales plan if they expect repeatable results.   Click here to see what we have published on sales planning.

Sales Reporting

How your organization conducts its sales reporting can be a tool for success or failure.  Click here to see what we have published on sales reporting.


Hiring the right person for the  job is key for sales management success.  Click here to see what we have published on sales hiring.

Blog Post

Want to read through our article covering different sales management topics?  Click here to review all our blog post.

Sales Coaching

Making your sales people as productive as possible take coaching.  Click here for information on coaching sales people.

The Podcast

When you want to listen to all our podcast, you can find them all right here.  Click here to listen or download.