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At the Sales Management Workshop, our goal is to provide sales professionals with tools and stratagies to help them improve performance.

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Sales Management Content

These podcast have some of the best sales management information I have ever heard.  Michael is easy to understand, and provides information I can use right away with each podcast.  The info is a ‘must listen’ for anyone who has selling responsibilities in their company. Brandon Bentz

Great ideas and suggestions for the rode warrior

I really enjoy your podcast about planning & executing on sales calls. The intel was spot on. I’m subscribing now!

Josei - DC

Great Information for a New Sales Manager

Recent subscriber, also a new Sales Manager, really enjoy all the info. Great audio quality (very important to me). Highly recommended. Liveonlocation

Thank you Michael Carter!

Your podcasts are helping me improve my who sale distribution here in Brazil. Thank you very much! Alexandre Oliveira

Looking for information on a topic?  At the Sales Management Workshop we have the information you are looking for

We have developed a series of audio podcast that should be of interest to everyone responsable for managing a sales team. To make is easy, you can click on one of the links below to find content that fits your need. Enjoy.


To be a successful sales manager today, being the boss isn’t enough.  You must be recognized as a leader.  Your roll isn’t defined by your individual contributions, but by how you motive your team.  The job of the sales manager is to lead the sales team to greatness and at the sales management workshop we have some information that will be of value as you hone your leadership skills. Click here to listen and read.

Sales Planning

A sales manager is the leader and every leader needs a plan.  How will you beat your sales numbers?  How will you select your sales team?  How will you deploy that sales team?  These are just some on the components of success you need to consider.  I have recorded a series of podcast on sales planning and you will find a couple of articles on sales planning. Check them out.


The most important asset for a successful sales manager is their ability to recruit and hire the right sales people.  Building a strong sales team is the key to your sales management success.  Don’t make the job harder by hiring the wrong people. Check out the information have on one-on-ones, field coaching, and more in our podcasts and articles on hiring salespeople.

Sales Coaching

Just like million dollar athletes, your sales team needs a coach.  A coach develops talent  and has a better level of retention then managers that ignore coaching.  This is because a sales managers that coaches can help their people maximize their results and produce better numbers.  Click here to listen to audio podcast and review articles that contain information which can help you become a better coach.